Paint Ball Shooting

Brief History

Ever since I tried Paint Ball Shooting in Jamaica I fell in love with it. Paint Ball Shooting was founded by three men, Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel and Bob Gurnsey back in the 1960’s. However, the actual game of Paintball Shooting was done on June 27, 1981 in New Hampshire. (“The Ongoing History of Paint Ball”, n.d.)

       How Paint Ball Shooting Works

I believe that Paint Ball Shooting would be a fantastic “social wellness resource” for Humber College. Briefly how this resource would work is that students who are interested can bring their own groups and sign up for the event; and, or if the student does not have a group then he or she would be assigned to a group. A small fee would be charged that would cover for gears and other equipments for the players. Students would go through an orientation session for the first time to understand the safety precautions and a general understanding of the game.

              Benefits For Humber Students

If Paint Ball Shooting resource was to be implemented then students would be able to: learn how to work effectively on a team, build relationships with other people and develop leadership skills. According to a webpage, “Paint Ball shooting gives people the opportunity to stay active with friends”. Paint Ball shooting promotes teamwork in the sense that team members have to work together in order to win. Last, Paint Ball shooting can “improve a person’s interpersonal skills because it allows a  person to gain leadership skills through different types of game modes, constant strategy planning and execution”. (“Top 10 Health Benefits of Paint Ball”, 2015)

Paint Ball Shooting and Humber’s Sustainability Plan

Paint Ball shooting fits right into Humber’s Sustainability Plan, because Humber College believes in students well-being. The Sustainability Plan provide students with a variety of resources that meets each student’s need. These resources are there to help empower students, provide “inclusiveness”for those who have health or physical complications; and most importantly to promote a friendly “social environment”  not only for students but faculty members  as well. The “Paint Ball Shooting” resource would adopt the same principles and vision in the sense that it promotes teamwork, builds leadership skills interpersonal skills that would help students to be “successful academically, personally and professionally”. (“Social Equity and Well-being”, 2016)


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3 thoughts on “Paint Ball Shooting

  1. The concept of this activity intrigues me. If this activity were to become a reality, I feel that it would certainly open doors for students to meet new friends and acquire a sense of teamwork and togetherness. If this activity were to exist at Humber College, where will it be held and when? Will all campuses support the activity?


  2. Paintballing would definitely be an interesting addition to Humber College. It offers many benefits to both students and faculty. The proposed ways in which paintballing would be conducted seems fair and will allow all the ability to participate.

    The benefits of paintballing speak for themselves. The character building aspects such as teamwork, leadership and interpersonal skills will only benefit participants as they go on with their lives after their time at Humber. Paintballing offers a social gathering place for students and faculty; they can meet, bond and start building lasting relationships.

    Some further details are needed in terms how paintballing will be implemented such as where it would be located, the fees that would be collected and how those fees would be collected. There is nothing to critique about the resource because it is well worded and structured.


  3. This blog is very interesting! The image used is very catchy and allows website visitors to automatically beware of what you will find once you scroll down. I am familiar with paint -balling and agree that this social activity is fun filled.

    I enjoyed reading the benefits of participating in paint-balling, topics touched included team building, leadership development and ideally a confidence builder.

    Important information provides all Humber College students with an in-depth understanding of expectations of this physical wellness activities, from costs, equipment fees and interpersonal skills expectations.
    No unanswered questions for visitors to this website, benefits, location and services provided are all explained in great detail.
    Overall nice job!


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